Healthy Food Choices

Finding the healthiest foods for YOU.

So what are healthy food choices? They're the foods that fully nourish and support your body and mind, allowing you to lead the life you're wanting to lead, and providing you balance in a complex world.

But it can be so confusing as to which foods actually provide you the best support. We're surrounded by conflicting information about which these foods might be. Research studies, mass media, your doctor, and your friends and family all contribute to the confusion.

The answer lies within yourself.

Since we are each bio-dynamically unique, this can be the only true solution. Each of us has within us the capability of finding the foods that are best for us individually. Developing this inner sense is paramount to continued healthy food choices throughout our lives and the different stages of our lives.

There are three keys to fostering this inner connection:

  1. getting off fragmented, commercially-produced foods that create so much "static", precluding our ability to sense clearly.

  2. asking for clear and conscious guidance, from your body, from your inner self, or from God; who you ask is less important than that you ask.

  3. being willing to listen and to make at least occasional changes to your normal eating habits. Without making a change, there is no effect to gauge, no new experience from which to learn.

In some cases, we have to get our left brain mindset out of the way. That was what I needed to do with saturated fats, meat, and dairy. In the case of fats, my left brain static mindset came from years of cultural programming. In the case of meat-eating, it came from my own long-held distaste of the idea.

The following pages/articles reflect the directions and discoveries to which I was led in my search for MY healthy food choices and an attempt to share the insights I gained along the way. Perhaps my experiences could be meaningful to others on their journey.

Information on healthy food choices...


A variety of cooking oils

Healthy Cooking Oils  The best healthy cooking oils may not be what you expect. New research is revealing which fats contribute to a healthy body.

Effects of Saturated Fat  I was surprised to learn the positive effects of saturated fat on my health. It's obvious to me now how important they are to mental health. This is my personal story.


Beautiful field of wheat

Soaking Grains  For easy digestibility and greatest nutrition, whole grains should be soaked before cooking. Try soaked grains and notice the gentler feel on your system.

Top 4 Healthy Whole Grains  Four grains are especially making headlines in the news and in nutritional circles for their superior dietary value. See why they're worth adding to your regular meal plans.

Cooking Quinoa  Quinoa is a fantastic grain and works superbly as a pasta substitute. Cooking quinoa is easy, but it's best to soak it first for the best nutritional value.


Cups of yogurt with fresh fruit

Cooking with Yogurt  Wonderfully healthy and extraordinarily versatile, yogurt is a great all-purpose dairy product. Learn about its many uses and how to get the most out of one container of yogurt.

The Best Yogurt  A chart depicting the research on 4 popular yogurt brands and information on the important criteria to use in determining a quality yogurt in your area.

Crème Fraîche Recipe  All about creme fraiche, how it compares to sour cream, and 3 different methods for making your own.

How to Make Sour Cream  Making sour cream right in your own kitchen will give you a far superior product than store-bought sour cream.


Fresh produce

Buying Organic Produce - When it's Most Important  When to choose organic produce and which fruits and vegetables are considered safe to consume non-organic. See the EWG's research findings.


A microwave

Microwave Cooking  Is it as harmless as we've been led to believe? Read the facts about how microwaves alter food molecules and create toxins.

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