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Fasting Grace | AllAboutFasting

Grace, a vibrant 86 year-old, talks with Susan Schenck about her years of experience with water fasting, and shares her valuable insights on health, life, and longevity.

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David's Healing with Fasting | AllAboutFasting

David shares his experiences of healing with fasting utilizing water fasts and a carrot juice fast.

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Fibromyalgia and Fasting - Experiences from a Reader| AllAboutFasting

A reader shares her experiences with fibromyalgia and fasting through the flares.

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Fasting and Supplements - Question from a Reader | AllAboutFasting

Is it a good idea to take nutritional supplements while fasting and would that adversely effect the weight loss benefits?

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Fasting Weekends in Michigan | AllAboutFasting

Rudolf Steiner Health Center in Michigan offers doctor-supervised fasting weekends.

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Entertaining Water Fasting Videos from a Reader | AllAboutFasting

Funny and entertaining water fasting videos made by a professional film maker and her family during a 5-day water fast. She shares their fasting experiences as well as breaking the fast. Wonderful video!

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Creme Fraiche Recipe - What is Creme Fraiche? | Easy Healthy Recipes

Creme Fraiche Recipe I, II, and III. All about creme fraiche, how it compares to sour cream, and 3 different methods for making your own.

Continue reading "Creme Fraiche Recipe - What is Creme Fraiche? | Easy Healthy Recipes"

Healthy Chocolate | Easy Healthy Recipes

An easy recipe for making your own healthy chocolate fudge and avoiding the refined sugars and additives in manufactured chocolate products.

Continue reading "Healthy Chocolate | Easy Healthy Recipes"

Brain Foods | Healthy Food Choices

Brain foods provide the nutrients necessary to healthy brain function. This easy chart makes it clear how to supply good food for the brain.

Continue reading "Brain Foods | Healthy Food Choices"

Healthy Food Choices

Information to help you make healthy food choices and find those whole and natural foods that will fully nourish and support your body and mind.

Continue reading "Healthy Food Choices"

Choosing the Best Yogurt | Healthy Food Choices

How to find the best yogurt available to you. Use this chart to help you assess the quality and virtures of different yogurt brands.

Continue reading "Choosing the Best Yogurt | Healthy Food Choices"

Healthy Cooking Oils - which are the best | Healthy Food Choices

The best healthy cooking oils may not be what you expect. New research is revealing which fats contribute to a healthy body.

Continue reading "Healthy Cooking Oils - which are the best | Healthy Food Choices"

Buying Organic Produce - When it's Most Important | Healthy Food Choices

When to choose organic produce and which fruits and vegetables are considered safe to consume non-organic. See the EWG's research findings.

Continue reading "Buying Organic Produce - When it's Most Important | Healthy Food Choices"

Vegetarian Bean Recipes | Easy Healthy Recipes

Use these healthy vegetarian bean recipes to kick up the flavor of your next bean dish.

Continue reading "Vegetarian Bean Recipes | Easy Healthy Recipes"

Brown Rice Recipes | Easy Healthy Recipes

Cooking with whole grains is easy and so nutritious. Try one of these flavorful brown rice recipes today!

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Helpful Topics

Liquid Fasting lists some of the options for doing a liquid-only fast, including broth and milk.

Dry Skin Brushing shares the many health benefits derived from this quick and easy-to-do practice.

Understanding the Dangers of Microwave Ovens. Learn about the studies that show microwaves create toxic elements in our foods.

Cleansing Diets offers guidance on using a cleansing diet as a partial fast or as a means of preparation for other types of fasting.

Fruit Fast Details how to do a 1-3 day fast with apples.

Intermittent Fasting offers several unique methods for integrating regular fasting into your life.

Kitchari for Cleansing Information and recipes for using this healthy traditional Indian dish for a fast or for every day meals.

What Is Fasting? Dispels any doubts about fasting being akin to starvation.

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