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Fasting for Natural Healing

A guide to awakening your body's own healing mechanisms.

Fasting is a completely natural healing therapy that has been used for thousands of years to aid, treat, and even cure many common maladies. It creates the same healing effects today.

And while modern medicine so often attempts to alleviate outer symptoms of a health condition, fasting affects healing from the inside out, getting to the actual source of the condition, helping to burn inferior cells and build new healthier cells and tissues.

Our bodies are capable of instigating their own perfect healing if we allow them the opportunity. Fasting is such an opportunity.

What can fasting do for you?

  • heal a host of minor (and sometimes major) health disorders
  • help you lose weight and keep it off
  • cleanse your body of metabolic wastes and toxins
  • improve your skin tone and health, making you look younger
  • stimulate new cell growth, making you feel younger
  • strengthen your immune system and natural defenses
  • improve glandular health and hormonal balance
  • increase mental clarity
  • enhance your moods, enjoy a more positive outlook
  • give you more energy and enthusiasm
  • enhance your spiritual connection

Information you can use to begin the healing process.

At AllAboutFasting, you will learn about the different methods of fasting along with each one's advantages and disadvantages, and the particulars on how to do them.

Here, you can discover the numerous benefits fasting creates in our lives, affecting us on all levels of our being, enhancing our lives in so many ways.

You'll find tips on how to make a fasting experience more pleasant, how to get the greatest benefit from a fast, techniques to aid in detoxing the wastes from your body, and how to take the greatest advantage of the opportunity fasting creates to clear out emotional baggage.

Never fasted before? There is information on easy one-day fasting that will "get your feet wet", so you can begin to experience the healing effects of this natural therapy.

Not ready for an all-out fast? Discover how cleansing diets can be used to gain the same benefits as fasting.

AllAboutFasting is your guide to improving
your health and vitality -- naturally.

Begin Healing . . . Add Balance to Your Life.

Introducing fasting to your life is easier than you think. Even just occasional short fasts will reward you with many insights and increased awareness. But no matter the length, fasting will take you on a journey full of life-changing experiences.
Types of Fasting Offers an overview of the basic methods of fasting, their main differences, and help in choosing which one is right for you.

Fruit Fasting gives the details on how to cleanse and revitalize using fresh whole fruits. Many find this method of fasting easier to accomplish.

Cleansing Diets Guidance for using a cleansing diet, a form of partial fasting, as an alternative to more intense fasting methods, or as preparation for them.

How Long Should You Fast? Discover what length of time is best for you and how much preparation is required.

Benefits of Fasting Learn how broad the benefits are, affecting us not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Fasting for Weight Loss shows you the real benefit to using fasting to lose weight; the insights into, and positive changes in, the unhealthy patterns that have led to your current weight.

Colon Cleansing details several options for use both during a fast and at other times, including a psyllium-based colon cleanse recipe that is all natural and gentle on the system.

Learn to make your foods healthier and more nutritious by understanding the Danger of Microwaves and the benefits of Soaking Grains before cooking.

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Helpful Topics

Intermittent Fasting offers several unique methods for integrating regular fasting into your life.

Understanding What Fasting Is and Is Not will dispel any doubts about fasting being akin to starvation.

True Hunger is the signal to break a fast. Learn what it is and how to identify it.

How long should you fast? Discover what length of time is best for you and how much preparation is required.

Kitchari for Cleansing Information and recipes for using this healthy traditional Indian dish for a fast or for every day meals.

Health Conditions Improved by Fasting. See the long list of ailments that are known to respond well to fasting.

Water Fasting Tips offers guidance and support useful during any type of fast. Helpful in "getting over the hump".

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