Healthy Chocolate

Enjoy chocolate? Make your own healthy fudge.

We've all heard how healthy chocolate can be for us, but the downside to eating most chocolate products is the refined sugars and other additives. But we can make our own delicious chocolate at home.

The following recipe utilizes the two natural saturated fats that are burned by the body for energy rather than stored as fat: coconut oil and butter. And the sweetener comes from the stevia plant, which is great for anyone with sugar sensitivities. If stevia isn't your favorite sweetener, try another natural, less-refined sweetener. I plan to experiment with rice syrup, honey, and evaporated cane juice in the future.

I've been making this healthy chocolate recipe for a couple of years now after finding it somewhere on the internet. I didn't write down the source, so if this is your recipe, let me know so I can give you credit!

Healthy "Fudge"

Healthy Fudge homemade

2 one-ounce squares unsweetened
1/4 cup unrefined coconut oil
2 tablespoons butter (preferably
    organic grass-fed, the bright yellow
1/4 cup almond butter (crunchy was
    used in the picture)
1/4-1/2 teaspoon stevia liquid extract
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla

Melt chocolate squares in the top of a double boiler. Add other ingredients, and stir well. Keep over heat until everything is melted and uniform. Pour into a dish or mold and chill. Keep refrigerated.

For variation, try different nut butters or add your favorite chopped nut.

Makes 7 ounces.

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