Fibromyalgia and Fasting

from Mae Pax

I have Fibromyalgia and one of the ways I cope with my flares is to fast through them - usually water-fasting. It's the only thing that has ever felt natural or anything close to comfortable when I'm having major symptoms. Reading your site helped allay a lot of my fears and has taught me how to better read the signals my body is giving me. It also helped to explain why I tend to feel SO MUCH better when it's all over. With this illness, sometimes the best you can get is to simply understand what's happening to your body, even if you can't control or stop it. Thank you for giving me the gift of knowledge and understanding. It is a truly powerful tool indeed!

I shared the site with my family and my best friend. Now they all feel better and more comfortable about my fasting through the flares, and instead of giving me grief about it, they're now very supportive. All they ask is "are you hydrating?" and as long as I am, they don't harp on me anymore to make sure I'm eating solid food. And my best friend also fasts regularly because of her stomach problems, and now SHE feels safer and more confident, too!!

Your site really, REALLY helped!! Keep up the good work! :)

All the best,

Mae Pax

Response from AllAboutFasting:

Hi Mae!

Congratulations on finding your way through this. And I am so impressed with your acceptance of what is, knowing you can't control your body but you can support it through it processes. Beautiful.

I think it's sweet that your family asks "are you hydrating?" It's like it's become a new way of showing their love and care for you, while also supporting you. I love it!

Thank you so much for sharing with me and the readers.



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