The Physical Benefit of Fasting

Fasting promotes natural healing of many conditions.

One amazing benefit of fasting is the vast array of physical conditions that show improvement with fasting. Fasting effects us wholely, or holistically, meaning all aspects of our being are affected.

Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual changes can be felt within during a fast. A sort of rebalancing takes place. Places where we have gotten "out of kilter" begin to re-align when we take away the over-stimulation of over-eating. (See this page for more discussion on the holistic benefit of fasting.

improved by fasting

adult onset diabetes
autoimmune illnesses
benign tumors
chronic back and joint pain
chronic fatigue
deterioration of the
   musculoskeletal system
digestive disorders
hay fever
heart disease
high blood pressure
high cholesterol
inflammatory bowel disease
   (ulcerative colitis
   and Crohn's disease)
irritable bowel syndrome
recurrent infections
rheumatoid arthritis
skin irritations and disorders
substance abuse/addiction
uterine fibroids
weight loss

The changes that occur in the physical body can be quite pronounced. As internal healing begins, a host of minor health issues will improve. From aches and pains to a mole just dropping off to hearing improving, anything is possible when the body is allowed to tend to itself.

It's more than just "little things" that improve, though. Healing of some rather serious conditions can occur as well, often from longer-term fasting, either longer therapeutic water fasting or from lots of shorter fasts combined with a strict cleansing diet.

These changes won't necessarily be permanent--you have to move forward with better eating habits than you had before. You may need to make lifestyle changes in order to maintain your health. Occasional fasting is usually recommended to keep yourself in good condition. Three days per month and/or 10 days per year is considered good for this.

If you have any of the following conditions, you must read Dr. Fuhrman's book, Fasting and Eating for Health: headaches, hypoglycemia, heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disease. His book has chapters devoted to each of these problems explaining how therapeutic fasting can help. For best results with these types of illnesses, you should consider a supervised fast by a fasting professional. Read the water fasting page for more information about supervised fasting.

Dr. Fuhrman also fasted individuals for weight loss in particular and had great success. Again, eating healthier foods after the fast is imperative. But the cleansing effects of the fast make new eating decisions easier to make and stick to. (See Fasting to Lose Weight page.)

The physical conditions listed in the green box do show improvement with fasting. In some cases, the condition has disappeared entirely. This list is by no means complete (and in some cases, repetitive).

Of course, no guarantees can be made that you will experience a particular improvement, but a benefit of fasting is that you will experience an improvement in overall health.

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