Entertaining Water Fasting Videos

from Alison Laird


We recently completed a 5 day water fast. I'm a film maker and we decided to make some daily documentary videos of our experience. I was initially just doing it to show the facebook group who were doing the fast with us, but we ended up with quite a following, mostly because the videos were interesting, funny and "better than most tv".

We have made a big plug for your website on the final video as we looked at your website for advice. We thought you might like to see our videos and you are welcome to use them on your sight if you are so moved to do so.

Here is the link to Day 1, you can access the other days from my youtube page.



kind regards


Here is the whole series of Alison's wonderful videos:

Response from AllAboutFasting:

Hi Alison!

I just watched all of your fasting videos, and WOW, you guys are so great! and funny! I love how articulately you both expressed the inner changes. The peace, the clarity, the presence, Colin's "shining a light on the noise". To me, these videos are invaluable toward showing others the deep inner experiences and shifts in perspective that fasting can create, the connection to our inner selves.

Not to mention, such great editing and sound choices. Loved the serious music for Colin's deepest insights, made me laugh out loud. They're just so well-made!

And thanks for the plug! That was great fun for me to see. I would like to post the videos or links to them. I think so many people would benefit from watching them, and then they are so entertaining to watch as well.

Your family is just beautiful! I'm so glad you took the time and effort to make these fasting videos, they're priceless!

Many blessings,


3 glasses of water for fasting

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