Water Fasting Supervision
with Dr. Mark Colafranceschi

While Dr. Cola is an advertiser on this site, rest assured, I do not recommend ANY person or product that I don't fully believe in.

One of the most common requests I receive at AllAboutFasting is recommendations for distance fasting supervision. In the past, I haven't had much to offer in that respect, not knowing any practitioners who offered support as a regular part of their practices. But that has changed. I am happy to announce that Dr. Mark Colafranceschi does offer this guidance and support in a practice devoted to helping clients use water fasting as a means to address health issues. And you don't have to go to his clinic, it can be done over the phone (though there are exceptions when personal contact is necessary).

Dr. ColafranceschiDr. Mark Colafranceschi

Dr. Cola has been in the healing arts for 22 years, as a chiropractor, then with additional training and certifications in herbal and homeopathic medicine, clinical nutrition, Allergy and Intolerance Identification and Neutralization, and relaxation and meditation techniques.

Through his years of working with clients, combined with his extensive background in holistic healing arts, he has developed a methodology that approaches the body/mind complex as a whole, which gets to the core of what needs healing -- the mental and emotional roots of dis-ease. This methodology has proven so successful that he spent  considerable time to write it all down and publish several books.

First among Dr. Cola's books is The Grand Purpose, which lays the framework for the methodologies he now employs within his practice. Examining the Western medical paradigm and the ways in which it fails to deliver, Dr. Cola provides clarity around the problems and inadequacies of the Western medical system and explains how it fails to properly address the individual's needs. The Grand Purpose made it on the Forbes 2018 Summer Reading List for Healing the Soul. This is obviously a highly recommended read and more information can be found about it here at Amazon.com.

I've talked with Dr. Cola and his intense passion to help people live their fullest lives was evident. He's a no-bullshit kind of guy; he'll tell you how it is, and what needs to be addressed for the highest healing. Of course, he'll be the first to tell you that healing begins and ends with you and your commitment to yourself.

The fasting supervision he provides is just one aspect in a whole process directed at helping you approach and overcome the issues that stand in your way to your best life. His extensive training in multiple healing modalities offers support to the healing of the physical body, whatever physical health issues and symptoms you may be dealing with, while at the same time digging out the underlying emotional and mental causes of illness. Address those and anything is possible!

This approach of Dr. Cola's is a whole package deal, not piecemeal. We are complex beings and his approach incorporates you in your totality. Not just your purpose, but your values, your attitudes, your life experience, woundings and traumas, where your emotions and thoughts trip you up. He is about guiding and assisting you to creating the life you want and uses fasting as an assist to that end. You not only clean up your body, but your thoughts and attitudes as well, and overcome personal challenges.

"My gratitude and awe of the results of the water fast are beyond words. For twenty years I have witnessed remarkable results that need not be overstated; the results which reflect the miracle of the body striving for homeostasis. The key that differentiates the fast from treatments or pills is that the fast is not a treatment, it is an art of self-control and virtue."

~ from Dr. Cola's Fasting Guide

I have no reservations about recommending Dr. Cola for water fasting supervision. I know he has the knowledge to support and guide you with the highest of integrity. And I know he CARES.

For anyone looking for fasting supervision, I would suggest a visit to his website to learn more about him and his practice at drcolasclinic.com. Then, because he is offering a free 15 minute consult to the readers of AllAboutFasting, reach out to him via his contact form and request that consult.  While you're there, check out the free information on his website, which includes a Symptom Survey you can submit and a highly informative Water Fasting Q&A section.

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